The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Programmers and Developers

Here are the best Chrome extensions you should be using if you're a developer of any kind, but especially if you're a web developer.

Jan 24, 2023 - 09:18
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1. 1. Session Buddy

1. Session Buddy

Chrome has an awesome feature called custom user profiles that lets you create separate sets of bookmarks, settings, tabs, histories, etc. You should definitely set one up specifically for programming if you haven't already.

But Session Buddy takes it one step further, allowing you to save specific "tab sessions" and switch between them at will, which comes in handy when you're working on multiple projects.

2. 2. iMacros for Chrome

2. iMacros for Chrome

iMacros is an extension that lets you automate repetitive tasks. You can "record" certain actions (e.g., mouse clicks and key presses), save them as macros, then run them whenever you want with a single click. It saves so much time when filling out forms, testing changes, etc. For macros outside of Chrome, we recommend AutoHotkey scripts.

3. 3. Web Timer

3. Web Timer

Web Timer tracks how much time you spend (or waste) on various websites, which can help curb tendencies to procrastinate. It only tracks when Chrome is in focus, and it's smart enough to stop tracking when you've gone idle. If you are looking to just time your overall online activity without going into much detail, try one of these free online timers.

4. 4. Awesome Screenshot

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is an all-in-one extension for grabbing screenshots, recording screen videos, annotating and blurring snapped images, and one-click sharing your screenshots with others. One nifty feature is its ability to screenshot an entire webpage and stitch it all together as one giant image. For a solution that also works outside of Chrome, check out these best tools for creating screenshots.

5. 5. Usersnap

5. Usersnap

Usersnap is a useful extension for capturing and annotating web pages, prototypes, and apps right from Chrome. It can help you to give feedback and report bugs efficiently. This tool can prove vital in improving your end-product through smooth feedback workflow.

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